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Living in Light of Two Ages



Willimon "Reviews" Ehrman

William Willimon (one of our favorite White Horse Inn guests) has "reviewed" Bart Ehrman's book, God's Problem: How the Bible Fails to Answer Our Most Important Question--Why We Suffer?  I put "review" in quotes, because as a former theological liberal himself, Willimon knows well the world Ehrman now seeks to inhabit and exposes Ehrman as a "poser" of the first order.  Good stuff from Willimon who really knows how to turn a phrase.  Click here: The Christian Century

Yet another church seeks to be "hipper-than-thou," promoting their "U2-charist," featuring U2 songs during their New Year's Eve communion service.  I thought U2 was pretty much passe in most circles.  Maybe they should feature "Coldplay" or "Porcupine Tree" next time.  Click here: U2 music to set church’s communion tone | Religion | - Houston Chronicle

Our old buddy Pat Robertson is at it again.  This time, God told him that America's financial crisis would pass because Americans would willingly embrace socialism.  According to Pat, God has gone Keynesian in his economics.  Well Pat, some of us haven't and won't.  Isn't it time for this guy to hide somewhere in shame?  Click here: Pat Robertson: God says U.S. will accept socialism

Finally, this one will give you the police-state heebie-jeebies.  Police secretly poking around in your hard-drive?  Click here: Police set to step up hacking of home PCs - Times Online


More Great Calvin Resources

Given the upcoming celebration of the 500th anniversary of Calvin's birth, a number of folks have compiled helpful lists of Calvin resources.  Here are a few:

Martin Downes lists a number of audio resources: Click here: Against Heresies: John Calvin (audio links)

Scott Clark offers an annotated (and very helpful) Calvin bibliography: Click here: Recommended Calvin-Related Titles « Heidelblog

Lets not forget the kids!  Simonetta Carr has written a wonderful biography of Calvin for young readers. Click here: Reformation Heritage Books


Soldiers and Segways Don't Mix

This picture has nothing whatsoever to do with Reformed theology and eschatology.  But it cracked me up.

These are Chinese security forces (apparently during the Olympics).  Somehow segways and automatic weapons don't seem to go together . . .  This has about the same effect as "soldiers" wearing the blue UN helmet.

I'll bet one of you can come up with a suitable caption or explanation.


Who Said That?

"vaj jangta' joH'a', je ja'ta', “ ta'taH Job taHvIp joH'a' vaD pagh? ghajbe' SoH chenmoHta' ghaH, je Daj tuq, je Hoch vetlh ghaH ghajtaH, Daq Hoch retlh? SoH ghaj ghurtaH the vum vo' Daj ghopDu', je Daj ghaH Daq the puH. 'ach lan vo' lIj ghop DaH, je Hoch vetlh ghaH ghajtaH, je ghaH DIchDaq SoH Daq lIj qab.”

Have fun with his one!  Leave your guess in the comments section below.  Please, no google searches or cheating.  The answer will be posted next week--just click on the "Who Said That?" icon to see past editions.


"If We Walk in the Light" -- 1 John 1:5-2:2

Here's the link to this morning's sermon:


Bible Controversies . . .

Many who speak out in opposition to homosexuality have quipped that the Genesis account mentions Adam and Eve, not Adam and "Steve."  Well, times they are a changin'.  According to the new "translation" from the "Gay" Old Testament, Genesis 1 mentions Eve and "Aida" inhabiting Eden.  Swell . . . Click here: Gay Bible angers Christians | World news |

And then there's the "Green Bible."  You guessed it--its made from "Recycled paper, using soy-based ink with a cotton/linen cover."  It also has "green-letter" verses highlighted so as to encourage the work of "healing and sustaining" the earth.  Not only is it a shame that legitimate discussion about environmental stewardship gets lost in the PC trendiness, but a Bible made like this one will probably last about a week.  Don't take it outside on a foggy or humid day!  It will disintigrate or grow mold (like a Chia Pet) before your very eyes. Click here: The Green Bible

Oh, the difficulties pastors and churches face these days . . .  Well, at least the secular humanists over at the city council approved the church's new heli-port.  The injustice of it all!  Click here: Church wins OK to create helistop | | Tacoma, WA

And I thought mosquitos of the Eastern Sierras were a problem.  I'll take the skeeters over the gators any time . . .  Click here: Campers restrain wild alligator | National Breaking News |


Fix the BCS!

As if we needed more proof that we live in a fallen world, how on earth can the BCS title game not include USC? 

Pete Carroll's Trojans spanked a very good Penn State team from beginning to end.  Despite all the talk about the weakness of West Coast football, the Pac-Ten team won each one of their bowl games.  Oklahoma against Florida?  Give me a break!  It should be USC against the Gators, plain and simple!

Looks like more and more folks are getting onboard with the "BCS plus one" proposal.  All the major bowl games would be played again on New Years' Eve or Day--rather than scattering them all over the place.  These five bowl games (all the traditional ones) would feature the six major conference winners, plus four wildcard teams.  Then, the next week there would be a single game playoff between the two teams that had the highest computer rankings from the bowl games the week before.  Now that makes sense . . . 

But since this makes so much sense, it will probably never come to pass.  I'm certain that in order to be one of NCAA officials who decides such things, you must first have been a member of Congress.


Reading Programs for the New Year

Here's a great way to begin the new year--start an annual reading program.  There are a number of great ones to choose from. 

To commemorate the 500th Anniversary of Calvin's birth, Princeton Theological Seminary has posted a guide to reading through the Institutes in one year. Click here:

For those of you who'd like to read through the Westminster Standards in one year, try this. Click here: Daily Westminster

Having made the switch from NIV to ESV, I've enjoyed using the ESV version of the Daily Office from the Book of Common Prayer.  But there are several very good one-year ESV reading plans. You can find them here: Click here: Devotions (ESV Bible Online)

Finally, for those of you who would like to read through the Greek New Testament in a year, here's Lee Iron's very helpful program: Click here:


2009 Is Upon Us!

Happy New Year!

May you and yours have a blessed, healthy, and prosperous 2009 (Lord willing).

As for me and my house, we'll usher in the new year with a few friends.

I'm actually taking New Year's Day off.  I want to watch USC/Penn State play in the Rose Bowl. That should be a good one.

January 1 also marks the debut of the MLB Network (most cable and satellite systems are carrying it). Their first classic game (tomorrow night) is the 1956 World Series game in which Don Larsen threw a perfect game. They are even supposed to include the original commercials. That ought to be a blast.  Click here: The LoHud Yankees Blog

In any case, I'll get back to blogging next year!


Broke and Vacant

I've noted many of the recent troubles of the Anglican/Episcopal church.  Now we read that the Church of England may be broke and vacant before we know it.

The Church of England recently invested some 200 million dollars in Al Gore's environmentally minded investment firm, Generation Investment Management.  It is one thing to make an environmental statement, it is another to risk the church's money in unproven, trendy technologies.  Click here: Religious Intelligence - News - Church of England puts its faith in Al Gore's investment arm

Furthermore, church attendance in UK Anglican churches is projected to fall by 90% by the year 2050!  90%!!!!  With attendance tanking, and money disappearing down Al Gore's "carbon credit" rat hole, that means many more properties will be available to serve as Mosques . . .  Click here: Church attendance 'to fall by 90%' | World news | The Observer

And then there is good ole Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, who worries that Rick Warren prays to a God who forces "God's homosexual children to deny who they are, to deprive themselves of love and intimacy that is permitted every other one of God's children."  The lengths to which people (especially Episcopal Bishops) go to excuse and justify their sins simply amazes me.  Click here: 10 Minutes With...Gene Robinson