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Living in Light of Two Ages



My Poor Wife . . .

Tomorrow (August 5) is our 30th wedding anniversary! 

My poor wife has endured much these last 30 years.  I promised her fame and fortune--instead, she ended up a pastor's wife, a calling at which she's excelled, I might add. 

Without a word of complaint, she's endured many a Yankee game (in person, or on TV), she's endured my absence too many an evening (if the truth were known, she probably enjoyed that part), having her living room turned into my study, cigar smoke, loud music, all of my theologian/pastor friends, and my mid-life crisis (a car).  Not to be overlooked, is my most recent middle-age affliction-snoring.  That one, she's complained about (just a bit).

We've raised two boys (Dave and Mark), two dogs (Willie and Andy), and we have lived in the same place the whole time (our old family home).  We've aged well (except for the top of my head) and so far have enjoyed good health.  We've made countless friends, and we've seen many of the places in the world we wished to see.  Most important of all, we witnessed our two beloved sons make profession of faith in Christ.

As you can see in the picture, we were young once.  But, we have grown older together and we await the joy
(Lord willing) of watching our sons pursue their callings, get married, and give us grandchildren (should that be the Lord's will).

Where did those thirty years go?  Seems like only yesterday that I showed up at an employee Bible study at Knott's Berry Farm, and to my great surprise saw Micki in attendance.  We'd been in grade school together, but paid each other no mind until crossing paths again at Knott's.  Six months later we were married.  Now, thirty years have flown by . . .

All of that is to say that God has been very, very good to us.  And I am very, very thankful to be a recipient of his love, grace, and mercy. . . much of that coming to me through the care and love of my dear wife.

Who Said That?

"Sometimes I think the environment in which we operate is entirely too secular.  The fact that we have freedom of religion does not mean we need to try to have freedom from religion, doesn't mean that those of us who have faith shouldn't frankly admit that we are animated by faith, that we try to live by it, and that it does affect what we feel, what we think, and what we do."

You know the drill!  Leave your guess in the comments section below.  Please, no google searches or cheating!


Hal Lindsey on Barack Obama's European Trip and Other Interesting Stuff from Around the Web

So, Hal Lindsey thinks Barack Obama's recent trip to Europe is some sort of foreshadowing of the kinds of things to expect from a future Antichrist--the adoring masses gathering to hear from the world's self-proclaimed messiah.  (Click here: How Obama prepped world for the Antichrist)  Not only am I pretty sure that Lindsey's theological categories are not the right ones, but Obama's popularity actually went down as a result of his trip.  Shouldn't the reverse be the case for Lindsey's thesis to make any sense?

Hey, somebody ought to write a book about the Antichrist!  Here's a shameless plug.  Click here: Riddleblog - Man of Sin - Uncovering the Truth About Antichrist

Now this is hideous--using the Stanley Cup as a baptismal font?  Lord Stanley's Cup is some sort of holy relic, while baptism is some quaint ritual?  Very sad.   Click here: Wings' Holmstrom uses Stanley Cup in baptism

My wife likes to watching Dancing with the Stars once in a while--she's not a fanatic about it, or anything.  But here's a great excuse for me to miss the whole next season.   How do you spell Tango?  Is there an "e" on the end?  Click here: Dancing with Dan Quayle?

I don't believe this news report for one second.  Teens in a high speed chase?  OK . . . that part, I can believe.  But in a "high-speed" chase in a Prius?????   Only if it had a full-charge and was going downhill!  One hundred miles an hour?  In a Prius?  The cops are making that part up.  Click here: Teens Crash Car Into House During High Speed Chase | WOAI.COM: San Antonio News

Blog Wars, The Yankees, Fur, and Other Stuff from Around the Web

Everyone who blogs ought to familiarize themselves with the recent dust-up as described here.  Click here: CAMPONTHIS: BATTLES IN THE BLOGOSPHERE ...when conflicts arise, how should we respond and work towards resolve?  My advice is familiarize yourself with your blog provider's terms of service, know what constitutes libel and slander, and know your legal rights should someone falsely accuse you and then pressure your service provider to pull your blog.

So, animal rights groups don't like the Pope wearing fur.  It creeps me out too--for theological reasons, not because I think animals have rights.  Andy has all the rights that I choose to give him!  I guess we Reformed-types are safe from such protests until someone complains about the wearing of oxford cloth button-down shirts--the official garb of the Reformed minister.  Click here: AFP: Animal rights group protests over Pope's fur

Lets see. . .   Gays can now marry in California, but they can't consume trans fats.  I'll be glad when Arnold goes back to making Terminator movies.  This state just keeps getting weirder and weirder . . .   Click here: Schwarzenegger Terminates Trans Fats

What a great couple of days for Yankee fans.  We get Marte, Nady, and I-Rod (we surrender only one top ten prospect, and a relief pitcher who can't be trusted in big games), while the Red Sox lose Manny (a true Yankee killer), two top prospects, and 7 mil, and only get Jason Bay in return.  Makes me think there might be at least 163 games for us this year, the last in the old Yankee Stadium. 

"Does the Prosperity Gospel Really Work?" and Other Interesting Stuff from Around the Web

This is interesting.  According to an AP story, close associates of Kenneth Copeland have somehow managed to significantly improve their own personal financial status.  Copeland's brother-in-law and son have made huge profits in real estate.  Members of his board have made big bucks through various speaking engagements at Copeland's church.  Hmmm . . .  Prosperity principle in action?  Or just old fashioned nepotism and "insider" benefits?   click here: Those close to televangelist prosper (

Speaking of televangelists, seems that our perpetually smiling friend Joel Osteen is also doing pretty well despite the current economic woes.   Why?  Seems like a bunch of folk think the solution to $5.00 a gallon gasoline, and the depressed housing market, is to tithe to Joel, who is teaching them to be "victors" not "victims."  Why didn't I think of that?  Click here: God Wants Me to Be Rich - WalletPop

Let me get this straight.  Before leaving on recess, our Congress does nothing about a comprehensive engery policy which deals with increasing supply and lowering demand . . . and that the only thing they actually talked about was re-instituting the 55 MPH speed limit?  And we wonder why our congress has a 9% approval rating????  I'm with Sammy Hagar on this one.  "I Can't Drive 55!"  Besides, according to my fuel calculator, I get much better mileage @ 72 MPH than I do at 55.  Click here: The Insanity of Drive-55 Laws -

I hate to admit, but I can really relate to this guy.  I've got an old Trimmer lawn mower with a 3.5 HP Briggs and Stratton.  The stupid thing goes through pistons and points like crazy, and just kills my shoulder trying to start it.  I finally got a lawn service.  If I didn't live in the nanny state, wacking the stupid thing might be an option.  Click here: - Man Accused of Shooting Lawn Mower for Not Starting - Local News | News Articles | National News | U


Who Said That?

"If Jesus is the true man through his dedication to God's future, in his message of the nearness of God's Lordship, as well as through the anticipatory fulfillment of human destiny in his own person through his resurrection from the dead so that truly human life becomes possible through community with him, then that realization toward which all human hopes are aimed is already fulfilled in him in an anticipatory way."

Leave your guess in the comments section below.  Please, no google searches or cheating.


The Archbishop, Grass-Skirts, Buddhist Chants, and other Interesting Stuff from Around the Web

Updates from the Lambeth Conference keep getting stranger and stranger.  "Anglicans stand in the middle of “one of the most severe challenges” to have faced the Church in history, the Archbishop of Canterbury said last night.  And then comes this line.  "The Archbishop was speaking as the bishops emerged from three days of retreat and a service featuring Buddhist chants and grass-skirted Melanesian dancers in Canterbury Cathedral."  You simply can't make this stuff up.  The church has become its own parody.  Click here: Archbishop of Canterbury says: 'Now we must work out what is really important' -Times Online

Here is another reminder that pastors need to be careful about the props they use in the pulpit.  A pastor has crashed his dirt-bike five rows deep into the seats--during a sermon.  This is why we are very careful about which URC ministers we invite to do pulpit supply.   Click here: - Pastor Injured in Dirt Bike Accident During Church Service - Local News | News Articles | National N

Now this is cool (and hopefully, only the beginning of similar on-line projects), the entire Codex Sinaiticus will soon be on-line.  Click here: Codex Sinaiticus Project

Here's a good reason to polish the brass on a sinking ship.  Click here: Second Coming Ecology | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction


The Sad Decline of the Christian Retailer's Convention

Apparently, the International Christian Retailers Convention (it used to be known as the CBA convention) is in a sad state of decline.  Attendance at this year's convention in Orlando was half of what it was in 1999.  Click here: Low Numbers at Christian Retail Show     - 7/21/2008 7:16:00 AM - Publishers Weekly

There was a time when attending the annual Christian Retailer's Convention was truly the social highlight of the year.  The reason--the entire White Horse Inn crew was turned loose in a gigantic convention where every Christian publisher (heroes and heretics) and purveyor of "Christian merchandise" was on hand to sell their wares.

My favorite CBA incident was in Orlando in 1999.  Mike Horton, Rod Rosenbladt, and I were walking down one of the aisles when we were passed by R. C. Sproul and Bob Ingram (going the other direction).  R. C. says (loud enough for us to hear), "Look at that . . . Horton's got a Lutheran.  I gotta get me one of them . . ."  Rod has never heard the end of that one.  Listening to Rod and R. C. playfully spar with one another is one of the highlights of my life!

And then there was the time when Mike Horton approached the dear little lady selling "Christian" bed sheets with Bible verses on them.  Mike asked her, "what book of the Bible are the verses from?"  Without missing a beat she answered, "Oh, the Song of Solomon, of course."  We should have known . . .

When CBA was held here in Anaheim, Jan Crouch from TBN showed up in all her glory.  Rod couldn't believe his eyes.  Jan had on some bizarre hot pink outfit that included leggings, culottes, a hoop-skirt, and a bib-apron.  Rod followed Jan around in utter disbelief trying to get my wife (like she would know) to explain to him what all of it was and why anyone would wear such a thing.  It was hilarious . . .

Yes, I miss the days when our producer (Shane Rosenthal) would take his video camera and ask people basic theological questions.  Even better, was the time Shane filmed a noted televangelist gorging himself on pancakes in the cafeteria while he was pushing a new book on dieting, or the time Shane caught another televangelist flirting with an attractive young lady in front of his booth, and the time Shane filmed another wearing a shiny royal blue suit which was so bright it had to glow in the dark. . .

Oh yes, CBA . . .  What fond memories . . .


Squarespace Made Me Do it!

Squarespace released a new version of their software this morning, (v 5.0).  While I like their product, they've got a lot of nerve releasing a new version which pretty much wiped out my old template.  So, in order to use the new features, I've had to tinker all morning with the blog format.  I'm not a happy camper!!!  I've got work to do . . .  Ugh . . .  Please bear with me.


Baptisms, the Fourth of July, and Other Interesting Stuff from Around the Web

Rick Warren will be hosting both Barack Obama and John McCain at a meeting at Saddleback.  I wonder if they are also going to the "hula" worship service?   Click here: Presumed Presidential Nominees McCain and Obama to Make First Joint Campaign Appearance on August 16 at Saddleback

Here's a great new tax deduction.  You simply declare that your house is a church, and then you stop paying your property taxes.  Somehow I get the feeling that this is not going to work in Orange County.  Click here: Lake Bluff man declares his home a church, gets tax break --

It shouldn't come as a surprise that baptisms, boating, and the Fourth of July don't quite go together.  Nothing ruins a good Fourth of July water skiing party like an outdoor baptism at the local boat dock.   Click here: 7/19/2008 - Baptisms, Boaters Clashing In Soddy-Daisy - Breaking News -

No, this is not a Reformed program for life extension, but here's a guy who hit 100, who smoked 10 cigars a day, as well as enjoying a wee bit of whiskey in his morning tea.  Its in the genes, I guess.   Click here: Smoker who has 10 cigars a day celebrates his 100th birthday - Telegraph