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Living in Light of Two Ages



Audio Difficulties and a Few Other Things

Apparently, the server which hosts the Christ Reformed audio is down.  When we figure out what is wrong and get it fixed, I'll post Sunday's sermon and Ken Samples' Academy audio.

Also, since I returned to my church duties, it is raining email questions.  Some have even asked me why I haven't answered their question yet, or when I do respond, they immediately send me a whole batch of follow-up questions (ugh).

I really don't mind your questions . . . but please understand that I am very busy (I am a pastor) and will get to you when I can.

Here's my priority in answering your questions

1).  If you are asking a question about something in one of my books, you go to the top of the list.  After all, you spent money on me!

2).  If you attend Christ Reformed and have a question, you too go to the top of the list.  Glad to be of help!

3).  If you heard something on the White Horse Inn which troubled you, you are next. 

4).  If you have a question about Reformed theology in general, or are struggling with an issue germane to the Reformed tradition, now its your turn.

5).  If you want me to help you debate someone, if you have general Bible questions, you go to the bottom of the pile.  Don't you have a pastor who can answer these questions?????

6).  I do not answer pastoral questions/issues from people I don't know via email.

I always appreciate good links, "Who Said That?" quotes or other information.  I don't use all of it, or I may have beat you to it, but I really do appreciate the materials.  Keep it up!

Feedback, good or bad, is always appreciated.


This Week's White Horse Inn

The Wages of Spin

Has American Christianity become more concerned with success than fidelity? Has it chosen style over substance? On this edition of the White Horse Inn, Michael Horton talks about these issues with Dr. Carl Trueman, professor of Historical Theology and Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania, and author of The Wages of Spin.


Who Said That?

"I solemnly prophesy that this accursed man will cast our nation into the abyss and bring our nation to inconceivable misery.  Future generations will damn you for what you have done."

Leave your guess in the comments section below (no google searches or cheating).  Answer to follow next week.


Remembering September 11th

Here's a very moving photo essay commemorating the events of that horrible day, along with today's memorial ceremonies.

Click here: Remembering September 11th - The Big Picture -


Don't Forget--I'll Be Speaking in the Portland Area in October

Here's the scoop! I'll be speaking on eschatology at the Reformation Society of Oregon conference (in the Portland area) on October 17, 2009.

Here's the place to go for more info and conference registration: Click here: Welcome to Estacada Christian Church »

Hope to see you there!



Horton Continues His Review of N. T. Wright

Mike Horton continues his review of N. T. Wright's latest book on justification.

Click here: White Horse Inn Blog


This Week at Christ Reformed

Ken Samples continues his outstanding Academy series this coming Friday - "Learning Skills 101: Learning How To Learn."  This week's lecture is entitled, "The Renaissance Christian / Intelligent Reading 3."  For more info about the Academy, Click here: Christ Reformed Info - Schedule of Academy Classes and Author's Forums - September 11, 2009 - Academy Class: Learn

Also, our Wednesday Night Bible Study resumes September 9 (that's tomorrow!).  I'll be discussing the person and work of Christ each Wednesday evening.  Bible Study begins at 7:30 p.m.  For more info, Click here: Christ Reformed Info - The Latest News

Come out and join us!


More Doctors Smoke Camel Cigarettes

This is amazing.  Here's a very interesting look at ten of the most iconic ads from history, including an advertisement for Camel unfiltered, the brand most preferred by doctors (what???).  Click here: Consumer Culture: Top 10 Ironic Ads From History

Keith Mathison (from Ligonier) has posted a very helpful discussion of the Lord's Supper debate between Charles Hodge and John Williamson Nevin.  Click here: Charles Hodge vs. John Williamson Nevin on the Lord's Supper | Ligonier Ministries

My ears were burning this morning.  Now I know why.   Here's a take on a recent White Horse Inn program over at the World Magazine blog.  Click here: | Community | Blog Archive | Evangelicalism and hypocrisy

What do I pray before I go to bed?  Not quite what I had in mind.  Click here: Never mind pillow talk, couples told by Roman Catholic church to PRAY before sex | Mail Online


Who Said That?

"Just a word of advice to certain people.

Maybe you don't want to accept Jesus Christ and would rather go the hard way [i.e., through the seven-year tribulation].  You'll have to find some means of surviving for seven years without depending on this corrupt society.  This society will be totally taken over by the Antichrist.  No one will be able to buy or sell except he has his mark.  If you take the mark, you are lost forever.

The best plan is probably to take off for the jungles of Mexico and learn how to live off the land.  Just do your best to survive down there.  I would suggest the remote areas of Oregon, but I don't know how you'd survive the winters."

You know the drill, leave your guess (please no cheating or google searches) in the comments section below. 

Can't wait to see editorial comments on this one!


"Building Up the Body" -- Ephesians 4:7-16

Here's the audio from this morning's sermon (09/06/2009), the ninth in a series on Paul's Letter to the Ephesians