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A Riddleblog Programming Note

You may have noticed that things here at the Riddleblog have been fairly quiet of late.

I have been on sabbatical, and am working on a series of articles for Tabletalk (2009), a chapter for a forthcoming book on church-planting, and in preparation for a course I'll be teaching on Christology at Westminster Seminary California during Spring 2009.

It is also that time of year when a bunch of us from Christ Reformed Church invade the Mammoth Lakes area.  We'll be heading up there soon to hang out, hike, eat together, and enjoy the Perseus meteor shower (our midnight field trip).

So, things will remain quiet here for a couple of weeks, with an occasional update or two.

When I return to my pastoral duties at the end of the month, Lord willing, I'll resume my sermon series on Joshua (Judges will follow), the series on the Canons of Dort (we'll take up the second head of doctrine), and I'll be posting questions and answers dealing with eschatology (so, send in those questions which haven't been asked yet!)

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Russia is attacking Georgia. Certainly this must be sending shockwaves to the Rapture fanatics. What is the simplest way to respond to a dispensational friend who wants to see this Russian act of aggression as some sort of Gag/Magog fulfillment?

August 9, 2008 | Unregistered Commentermholst

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