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"Amillennialism 101" -- Audio and On-Line Resources
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Tonight's Academy Lecture -- Amillennialism 101

Series:  "Amillennialism 101" 

Lecture:  Amillennarians are often accused of teaching "replacement theology."  Do we?  What is the relationship between Israel in the Old Testament and the church in the New?

Course Synopsis:  Eschatology is not just a discussion of "last things" or signs of the end.  The question of last things is tied to our basic understanding of how to read the Bible.  I believe the Bible is a Christ-centered book, and that a truly biblical eschatology must be centered around the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Texts:  Kim Riddlebarger,  A Case for Amillennialism (Baker, 2003).  Click here: Riddleblog - A Case for Amillennialism - Understanding the End

Kim Riddlebarger, The Man of Sin (Baker, 2006).  Click here: Riddleblog - Man of Sin - Uncovering the Truth About Antichrist 

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The links (of the 2 books) you have provided are broken.
October 21, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterVenkatesh

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