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The Ordination and Installation of an Old Friend

On Sunday, November 17, I was privileged to preach the ordination sermon and participate in the installation of Rev. Dale Piers (center) as minister of word and sacrament in the URCNA.  Rev. Piers will serve as an associate at Calvary URC in Loveland, Colorado, where Rev. Chuck Tedrick is currently pastor (right).

Dale was a seminary classmate, and was my pastor when I transferred my ordination to the CRC (before the days of Christ Reformed).  Dale was serving at the Anaheim CRC at the time, which was one of the landing spots for evangelical refugees in Orange County, in the early days of the White Horse Inn.  Rev. Piers took a call to Loveland, and then later to the Reformed Church of New Zealand (RCNZ). 

Upon his return to the United States, Dale has been serving as a hospice chaplain in the Loveland area.  To return to the URCNA as a minister of word and sacrament, Dale needed to be re-ordained and installed at the church he once served as pastor.  Ironically, Dale helped prepare me for my ordination exam in the CRC (colloquim doctum), and nearly twenty years later, I was asked to participate in Dale's recent examination at our last classis meeting at Christ Reformed. 

Rev. Piers will continue his work as a hospital/hospice chaplain, and will assist Rev. Tedrick in pastoral work at Calvary URC.

Chuck Tedrick, as you may know, served as an administrator with the White Horse Inn for several years, and many of you know Chuck's wife, Michele, who is the White Horse Media's marketing director.  So, we are all very good friends, and it was a great joy and blessing to participate in Dale's installation service which, in many ways, brings everything full-circle.

If you live in the Loveland area and are looking for a great church, well, I just happen to know of one.  Calvary URC in Loveland, Colorado

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