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Our Theme for Easter Week -- Jesus, Our Prophet, Priest, and King

Francis Turretin once said of our Lord's Three-Fold Office,

The threefold misery of men introduced by sin–ignorance, guilt and tyranny and bondage by sin–required this . . . threefold-office [of Jesus Christ].  Ignorance is healed by the prophetic [office of Christ]; guilt by the priestly [office of Christ]; the tyranny and corruption of sin by the kingly office [of Christ].  Prophetic light scatters the darkness of error; the merit of the Priest takes away guilt and procures a reconciliation for us; the Power of the King removes the bondage of sin and death.  The Prophet shows God to us; the Priest leads us to God; and the King joins us together and glorifies us with God.  The Prophet enlightens the mind by the Spirit of illumination; the Priest by the Spirit of consolation tranquilizes the heart and conscience; the King by the Spirit of sanctification subdues rebellious affections (Institutes of Elenctic Theology, 2.393).

Our sermon series this week will focus upon each of these offices.  On Maundy Thursday, we will focus upon Jesus, our prophet, who removes our ignorance.  On Good Friday, we will focus upon Jesus, our Priest, who removes our guilt.  On Easter Sunday, we will focus upon, Jesus, our King, who, having defeated death and the grave, delivers us from the tyranny and corruption of sin.

For more information about our Easter week services, Easter Week at Christ Reformed Church


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