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Living in Light of Two Ages



The Academy Is Back In Session!

man%20of%20sin%20full%20cover.jpgThis coming Friday, September 28 (7:30 p.m.), we resume our Academy Lecture Series and Authors Forum @ Christ Reformed Church in Anaheim.  I'll kick off with a four part lecture series entitled "Eschatology and the Antichrist."  I'll be using my book, The Man of Sin as a text.

As always, the Academy is free of charge, there will be a time for questions and answers, as well as refreshments and time for chatting with others of like mind.

So, if you live in Southern California, come on out!   It would be great to meet you.

For more information, Click here: Christ Reformed Info - Schedule of Academy Classes and Author's Forums


Join 99,999 Others and Purchase Your Very Own Relic!

Popes%20Robe.jpgIf you've ever wanted your own relic, now is your chance!  A cassock worn by John Paul II has been cut into 100,000 pieces which are being sold to the faithful.

"Devotees of John Paul can apply via e-mail, fax or post for fragments of a white cassock to augment their prayers. A cassock worn by John Paul has reportedly been cut into 100,000 pieces to satisfy demand.

The scheme is run by the Vicariate of Rome, which is promoting sainthood for John Paul. The faithful also receive a `holy card' with a prayer to `obtain graces through the intercession of John Paul II'.

The Vicariate said that it has been overwhelmed by requests for the relics, with priority now being given to those who were praying for the sick or were themselves seriously ill" (Click here: Pope's robe cut up for 100,000 'holy relics' -Times Online).

Shop now to avoid the Christmas rush! 


Who Said That?


Who said that?

"The wave of the Islamic revolution will soon reach the entire world."

Leave your guesses in the comments section below.  Please no cheating (looking up the answer by doing a google search).  The fun is in the guessing and comparing your guess with others! 


Good Things in Louisiana

D-D%20Museum.JPGJust returned from my weekend eschatology conference in Slidell, Louisiana.  It was a wonderful trip.

A couple of things of note.

If any of you live in the Slidell area (or know someone who does), I would heartily recommend Trinity Presbyterian Church (PCA) to you.  The pastor (Todd Smith) is a solid guy, the church is vibrant, healthy and loves God's word.  They have a great liturgy, they sing Psalms and they study the Westminster Standards!  They are exceptionally friendly as well!  Imagine that, friendly Calvinists!

For those of you still wondering, CD's from the conference can be ordered by calling Trinity Presbyterian (985-641-1507) or emailing them (  If you email them, please put "eschatology conference" in the subject line.  The price is very reasonable--$5.00 for the CD of the entire conference, plus whatever postage is required.

One of the highlights of the trip was that I finally got to meet a White Horse Inn pen pal (Brian Davilla) with whom I've corresponded off and on for some fifteen years.  Brian is now a member of Trinity Presbyterian in Slidell and is another great reminder of how Mike Horton's vision to take the Reformation to the radio has borne so much wonderful fruit.  The White Horse Inn has not only been a blessing to those of us who host it, when you meet people like Brian, you realize that it has been a blessing to so many of you.   Its easy to forget that when you sit behind a mic in a studio.

If you ever get to Louisiana (and New Orleans) you must see the World War Two Museum (formerly the D-Day Museum).  It is a wonderful tribute to the greatest generation.  The D-Day portion of the Museum movingly depicts the cost paid on a personal level by so many to defeat Nazi totalitarianism.  There is now a Pacific campaign section as well.  The exhibits are wonderful and there is a good collection of original weapons and equipment.  I even saw "Ruppert" (you D-Day affectionados will know what I mean).

Finally, we also saw some of the damage from Katrina (especially visible in the East New Orleans area and along Lake Ponchatrain).  Trinity PCA was hard hit, with 42 inches of water in their sanctuary (it is now rebuilt and repaired).  Several members of that church lost their homes and some are still in FEMA housing.  As you leave New Orleans for Slidell driving along Interstate 10, there were literally miles of trees--broken in half, bent over, dead.  In East New Orleans, you can see block, after block, after block, of relatively-new apartments, homes, condos, strip malls and shopping centers abandoned and in complete decay.  What was especially striking were the giant piles of appliances and damaged building material heaped everywhere. It will take a long time for this area to recover.  The more the federal and state government "helps", I am certain the longer the recovery will take.

But there is good news as well.  When we arrived at Trinity, the pastor pointed out a number of trailers and RVs parked behind the church.  They were Christian Reformed world-relief teams.  People everywhere commented that the churches saved the day and have done yeoman work for many in distress (demolition, tree-trimming, housing) without charging a dime.  That was very encouraging to hear!  In an age of scandal and apathy in the church, Christian mercy is still very much alive and visible and is a great witness to that entire region.

BTW, since I know you will ask, we did see a "gator" -- but it was dead on the highway.


Off to Slidell!

eschatology%20q%20and%20a.jpgJust a reminder, for those of you who live near Slidell, Louisiana, I'll be speaking @ Trinity Presbyterian Church (PCA) this coming Friday (September 21), Saturday (September 22) and Sunday (September 23).

The subject?  Eschatology, of course.

Here's the schedule:

Friday September 21st at 7 PM: Session #1: The Millennial Positions

Saturday September 22nd: Session #2: 4-5:30 PM:  The Covenantal Context of Old Testament and New Testament Eschatology

Supper: 5:30 PM-6:45 PM

Session #3: 7-8:30 PM:  The New Creation, the Israel of God and the Suffering Church

Sunday September 23rd: Session #4: 10:50 AM:  The Blessed Hope: The Second Coming Of Christ

For more information, call Trinity Presbyterian Church @ 985-641-1507


Some Useful Links . . . Some Not So . . .

Links.jpgSome helpful, interesting and ridiculous stuff out there in the blogosphere of late . . .

Some public official in Nebraska (I need to be careful here, both my wife and Dr. Clark are native Nebraskans) is suing God.  The guy is a state senator and wants to make a point about frivolous lawsuits.  So, he's suing God.  Only in Nebraska . . . Click here: State Sen. Ernie Chambers Sues God - News Story - KETV Omaha.

Did you know there was a "biblical" cure for irritable bowel syndrome?  I'll bet you didn't . . .  Click here: A Little Leaven: Biblical Cure For Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

The federal government in its infinite wisdom decided to limit religious books in prison libraries to 150 "approved" titles.  This is in response to some inflammatory stuff from Jihadists making its way through the federal prisons.  I'll bet the "approved" list of religious books doesn't include anything from Calvin or Spurgeon, but does include Gibran, Osteen and Warren, who have never written anything substantial enough to offend anyone. Click here: Federal prison chaplains told to remove 'non-approved' faith books from chapel libraries (

Lee Irons is blogging his way through Meredith Kline's magisterial book By Oath ConsignedClick here: The Upper Register Blog.  For all you Kline fans, this is good stuff.  Thanks Lee for doing this!

The folks in Boston are getting a tad nervous these days.  Relax, the Yankees won't win the pennant, although they'll win the wild-card.  If the Yanks get the Indians in the first round of the play-offs (not the Angels) and if Boston draws the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, then the Yanks and Red Sox will meet again in the  A. L. Championship series.  That should be epic!  Meanwhile the Red Sox nation is sweating bullets as the evil empire marches on, Click here: Boston Red Sox - Extra Bases - Red Sox blog


This One Cracked Me Up!


Occasionally, people send me jokes.  Some are funny, some are not.  But for some reason, this one cracked me up.



A Nun was taking a shower one day and she heard the door bell ring, she yelled "Who is it?"

The person ringing the door bell yelled, "I'm the blind man."

So the Nun got out of the shower and wrapped her hair in a towel, but she didn't bother putting a towel around herself because the person behind the door was blind.

She opened the door and said, "What do you want?", and the man said, "I'm here to check your blinds."



Who Said That?

question%20mark.jpgWho said that?

"Why should I spend half my Sunday hearing about how I'm going to Hell?"

Please leave your guess in the comments section below.  No google searches or cheating!


The Islamic Joel Osteen?













Have you seen this guy before?  His name is Amr Khaled and apparently he's quite the rage (I use that term a bit guardedly in this context!) throughout the Middle East.  He's very, very popular on YouTube and he made Time Magazine's list of the 100 most influential people in the world (62nd).

Called the Islamic Joel Osteen or the Islamic Dr. Phil, Gene Veith made reference to him (Click here: Cranach -- The blog of Gene Edward Veith), and to an article about him in the Washington Post (Click here: Islam's Up-to-Date Televangelist -

In a recent interview for the Egyptian Al Ahram (Click here: Al-Ahram Weekly | Profile | Amr Khaled: A preacher's puzzle) are the following comments about his growing influence throughout the Middle East.  Khaled is also seeking to convert Christians and is, apparently, quite successful at it.  Why?  Because he self-consciously imitates American Televangelists.


"He believes he was put on earth for a purpose: to lead young people -- Muslims and Christians -- to this noble goal. Trained as an accountant, and from an upper middle class background, Khaled has emerged as a major 21st-century global phenomenon. He seems to be speaking of himself when he says, "I believe that every 100 years the world's thoughts change. And extraordinary people appear who carry new ideas to humanity."

There is no doubt about his power to influence, especially the young. Thousands, maybe millions of young girls donned the veil after hearing his lectures. Young men rapidly dropped their partying, drug-taking lifestyles, grew beards and became active at their local mosques . . .

It's clear that Khaled's mission is just beginning. His web site -- -- is among the most popular 1,000 in the world, ranking among global heavyweight media influences like The Washington Post, Al-Jazeera and the Drudge Report. But for all his talk of mass constituencies and millions of followers, Khaled still balks at being explicitly referred to as a political activist. "Participating in the political process is not shameful, forbidden, or something to shy away from," he says. "But when you have a goal you want to achieve, or a message you are trying to deliver, it's not about political participation for the sake of it... It's more about political participation as a tool" to achieve what you need.

That pragmatism may have been in play when Khaled and his TV producer friend first came up with the idea of consciously imitating the style of US Christian televangelism. The successful formula was like nothing the Arab world had ever seen, and it caught on like wildfire. Young people, especially impressed by the slick sets, soft lighting and friendly tone, said Khaled was the first to inspire them into understanding Islam's gentler side.

His sermons, however, with their clear and vivid warnings of the hell-fire that awaits unbelievers, appear to be just another form of fear mongering -- even though he is critical of what he calls "a religious discourse that merely says everything is haram and wrong". While constantly using scare tactics, the difference is in the seemingly friendly way he does so: by smiling, for instance, as he asks, "When you meet God on Judgment Day, will you be ready?"


This raises several questions in my mind.  "How long will this Islamic Joel Osteen continue to be such a phenom?"  "Is this a passing fad, a new trend, or something which Al-Qaeda types will seek to quash?" 

How long will the "Allah loves you and has a wonderful plan for your afterlife which you cannot know until you die" bit continue to play throughout the Middle East?

Lets hope that Khaled actually manages to do to Islam what Joel Osteen has attempted to do to the gospel--neuter it.  That would be quite an achievement!


Who Said That?

question%20mark.jpgWho said that?

"When you realize that you are made in the image of God and step out in your righteousness, you will see the miraculous take place. Because you are a son of God, the same anointing that rests on Jesus abides in you. If Jesus raised the dead, so can you. It's time to become skillful in the proper use of the Father's power and do the works that Jesus did!"

You know the drill.  Leave your guesses in the comments section.  Please, no cheating (i.e. google searches)!  Then after you've made your guess, go raise someone from the dead!