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A New Book from Ken Samples -- You Need to Buy This One Too!

A%20World%20of%20Difference%20--%20Samples.jpgOK, there are two books you need to buy--this one and Horton's new book (see below)!

Ken teaches our Sunday morning Bible class at Christ Reformed Church, as well as in our Academy.   He's taught much of this material in both places.  This is good stuff!

Here's the publisher's catalogue blurb (from Baker Books):


Description: At a time when Christian belief is constantly challenged, understanding different worldviews can help Christians think and live faithfully. Kenneth Samples's own life-and-death crisis encourages believers to develop a worldview perspective based on truth, critical thinking, and logic. In A World of Difference, he addresses the historic Christian worldview and evaluates four modern-day competitors--Islam, naturalism, postmodernism, and pantheistic monism. The use of nine distinct and challenging tests shows how all worldviews should be assessed.

With compelling insight into Scripture, history, science, and theology, A World of Difference will challenge and strengthen your beliefs.

Author Information:

Kenneth Richard Samples is senior research scholar with a focus on theological and philosophical apologetics at Reasons To Believe, which provides research and teaching on the harmony of God's revelation in the words of the Bible and the facts of nature. An adjunct instructor of apologetics at Biola University, Samples also tackles tough faith questions in his book Without a Doubt: Answering the 20 Toughest Faith Questions.

Endorsements: "Christians can no longer afford to be ignorant of how to think and see the world in light of their worldview and alternative worldviews. A World of Difference is the right book at the right time."--J. P. Moreland, distinguished professor of philosophy, Biola University; author, Kingdom Triangle

"One of my biggest concerns for Christians struggling to make their way through the intellectual challenges of our age is that they often don't have the basic categories to think biblically about their own faith. Ken Samples's A World of Difference will give them those categories."--Kim Riddlebarger, co-host, The White Horse Inn;A Case for Amillennialism author, and The Man of Sin

Buy this book from,, Barnes & Noble, or your local bookstore.

Keeping Up With the Latest Christian Goodies . . .

tiregauge.jpgFor those of you who miss Marc Heinrich's hilarious blog Purgatorio (remember the tipping cow?--Click here: purgatorio - a panoply of evangelical eccentricities, un-orthodox oddities & christian cultural curiosities), there's a similar blog up and running (h.t. Shane Rosenthal).

You can find it here. Click here: A Little Leaven.

I like to keep up with the latest in Christian gadgets (like the Christian tire gauge, pictured above).  That's probably because my family owned a Christian Bookstore and I grew up with this kind of stuff.

Yes, I have repented . . . countless times . . . Anyway, there is some very funny stuff posted there.


Buy This Book -- New from Michael Horton

covenantsalvation.jpgIf you are at all interested in Reformed theology, the debate over the New Perspectives on Paul and related issues, then you must buy this book!  It is that simple!

I had a chance to read a couple of the chapters a while back before Michael sent them off to the publisher.  Michael's interaction with and evaluation of Drs. Wright, Dunn and Sanders is positively brilliant.

This is part three of Michael's projected four volume prolegomena.  While everything Michael writes is important to the Reformed churches, this one is especially timely.  It is must reading.

Click here: Covenant and Salvation: Union With Christ: Books: Michael Scott Horton


A Friday Edition of "Who Said That?"

question%20mark.jpgWho Said That?

"The God of Calvinism scares me; I'm not sure how to distinguish him from the devil. If you've come under the influence of Calvinism, think about its ramifications for the character of God. God is great but also good. In light of all the evil and innocent suffering in the world, he must have limited himself."

Since this was just posted elsewhere, you'll probably figure it out.  But it is worth considering anyway.   Please leave your guesses in the comments section below.  No cheating or google searches (but this exhortation never seems to work for some of you!) 


If My Covenant Responsibilities Include . . .



Most Christian husbands know that their covenantal responsibilities to their wives include providing and protecting.  Protection often includes killing spiders and other pests that invade the household.  I've killed black widows, caught crickets, and sprayed for ants countless times.  This is part of my duty in protecting and providing for my wife.  I'm sure she appreciates it.

But if I ever run into a spider's web like this anywhere near my home, my wife's on her own.  And we're moving . . . 

Here is the original story (Click here: | 08/29/2007 | Giant web creates bug buzz)


Who Said That?

question%20mark.jpgWho Said That?

"We are a people of different faiths, but we are one. Which faith conquers the other is not the question; rather, the question is whether Christianity stands or falls. . . . We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the ideas of Christianity . . .in fact our movement is Christian. We are filled with a desire for Catholics and Protestants to discover one another in the deep distress of our own people."

Leave your guess in the comments section below.  Please no google searches . . .  This one may surprise you! 


Gird Up Your Loins!

JuanitaBynumWedding2.jpgAll you TBN fans might be interested in this bit of news.  Juanita Bynum was assaulted by her husband yesterday, Bishop Thomas Weeks III.  Mr. and Mrs. Weeks, of course, lead marriage seminars around the country.

I once saw Juanita Bynum preach a sermon on TBN in which she issued a call to men to exercise headship.  She kept yelling (screaming?) over and over again (with a voice that could melt glass) "gird up your loins!"  Its a wonder she could even speak afterward.

Bynum, who calls herself a "prophetess," is a former hairdresser and flight attendant, the perfect resume to be a regular preacher/prophetess on TBN.  Her lavish (dare I say it, garish) wedding to Bishop Thomas Weeks III was broadcast live on TBN back in 2002.  That tells you all you need to know about her role in certain Pentecostal circles.

Sadly, Bishop Weeks was arrested outside a hotel in Atlanta for assaulting her.  They are currently separated (Click here: Bishop charged with attacking evangelist wife |  While there is never any justification whatsoever for domestic violence and the good Bishop belongs in the slammer if he assaulted her, I cannot help but wonder if the breaking point for Weeks is that he finally had enough of being told to "gird up his loins."  

Meanwhile, Reformed Chicks Blabbling tells the whole sordid tale far better than I ever could (Click here: Reformed Chicks Blabbing: Juanita Bynum was attacked by her husband)  . . .


Life Is Good!

Yankees%20Celebration.jpgGot to take in last night's Angels - Yankees game at Anaheim Stadium.  Not only did the Yankees win the game (its a good thing we didn't go on Tuesday when the Yanks got crushed), but we got to see a couple of our favorite pitchers (Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera--both Christians, by the way).  Joe Torre passed Casey Stengel for second place on the all-time Yankees win list (a huge milestone) and we also got to see the Yankees' rookie phenom Joba Chamberlain strike out the side, including Vlad Guerrero on three pitches, one a very nasty slider.

I say "we" because my son David took me to the game for my birthday present!  This is a real milestone in my life.  David scored the tickets on his own (Yankees tickets are tough to get in Anaheim), and he paid for parking!  He even offered to buy me a hot dog!  Nice to watch your sons grow into honorable men. 

Meanwhile, my youngest son (now 17) has been paying close attention to my hints about what else I want for my birthday (like the Dream Theater official bootleg album in which they play the Deep Purple "Made in Japan" set).  So I'll make out all the way around . . .

Life is good!  Now, if only the Yankees can muster enough starting pitching over the next 30 games to make the playoffs! 


Eschatology Q & A


Eschatology Q & A

A couple of you have asked questions recently about my book on the Antichrist, The Man of Sin.  You can read more about it here, if you are not familiar with it. (Click here: Riddleblog - Man of Sin - Uncovering the Truth About Antichrist). 

In light of my recent review of Hank Hanegraaff's Apocalypse Code (Click here: Riddleblog - The Latest Post - Hanegraaff's "The Apocalypse Code") , I thought this might be a good time to answer them.


Scotty asks (August 20)

Hi Kim,

Having just read your excellent book "The Man of Sin: Uncovering the Truth About the Antichrist", your position is that a final "Man of Sin" is yet to appear in God's Temple (the Church) at the very end and in concurrence with the "falling away" (if I read correctly).

My question regarding your position is this: How do you see this unfolding in such a divided worldwide Church made up of hundreds if not thousands of denominations, affiliations, and beliefs?

In other words, no one entity currently has such mass influence over all Christians worldwide to bring about such apostasy. The only platform I can see any possibility of this occurring in is the Roman Catholic Church (through the Pope). Is this what you're alluding to or is there another scenario you envision?



My Answer: 

Scotty, I do believe that Scripture teaches that immediately before the end of the age and the return of the Lord, there will be a mass apostasy within the church (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4; Revelation 20:7-10).  When I speak of the church here, I am speaking of the visible church around the world.  This would be all those church bodies which formally confess the content of the Apostle's Creed.

As you note, I believe that in the Thessalonian letter Paul is not speaking of the Jerusalem temple, but of the church. That this is not fulfilled by the events preceding the destruction of the Jerusalem temple in 70 A.D. is very clear in verse 8 of 2 Thessalonians 2, where Paul ties the revelation of this "man of lawlessness" specifically to the time of final judgment (I would recommend that you read G. K. Beale's fine commentary on 1 & 2 Thessalonians for the exegetical specifics of this).

Since the Roman church at the time of the Reformation fit the bill in many ways, I think the Reformers were largely correct to make the identification between the man of lawlessness and his particular blasphemy with the papacy. But in God's providential timing, the restraining power associated with the recovery of the gospel, prevented the Roman church from succeeding in snuffing out the Reformation and subsequent success of the gospel of free justification sola fide

In other words, the papacy of that age manifested many of the signs mentioned by Paul, but was prevented (restrained) from overcoming the gospel through the use of church authority and state-sponsored military power (Spain, France, and Austria, specifically).

I'm with Geerhardus Vos on this one. There is a certain sense in which the only way we will know what is entailed here, is when it actually happens before our eyes. Therefore, we need to be very cautious about speculation in this regard, lest we become Reformed versions of Jack Van Impe and Hal Lindsey.

That being said, if the "composite photograph" I discuss in my book is a faithful summary of biblical teaching, this final apostasy could involve a resurgent Roman Catholic persecution of Protestants (but this is not likely), or some form of apostasy wherein professing believers bow the knee to a political leader (the false prophet, who directs the world to worship the beast, which is the God-hating civil government), bent on wiping out the church, having been empowered by the dragon (Satan) to do that very thing.  This could be a secular state, trying to wipe out all religion.  It could be an Islamic state trying to wipe out Christianity . . . who knows?  I sure don't.  But if I'm alive when it happens, I am sure that I (as well as all other believers) will know what is going on!

I really don't think we can say any more than this. But we certainly don't want to say less, either.


Jeff asks (June 2, 2007)

Dr. Riddlebarger-

Just finished "Man of Sin" and found it very helpful. Thanks for all the work and study.

My question is this...why would the great "Abomination" refer to the desecration of the Jerusalem Temple if (due to Christ's sacrifice) the temple was no longer a place of true religious ceremony? Wouldn't that make the temple's religious significance disappear,and then mean that to "desecrate" it would be no different from mistreating any other place? Maybe it is just semantics.

Thanks, Jeff


My Answer: 

Let me put it this way. When Christ died on the cross, the temple veil is dramatically torn from top to bottom. This dramatic opening of the most holy place to the light of day is filled with important symbolism, not the least of which is that the sacrifices in the temple and the work of the high priest are from that moment on, rendered obsolete in light of Christ's final (once for all) sacrifice for sin. Therefore, whatever sacrifices occur in the temple and whatever role the high priest attempts to play after Christ has died, is no longer an act of worship, but an act of blasphemy.

Once Christ dies for our sins, the temple becomes Ichabod and its activities an "abomination" to the Lord. All of this culminates in the tragic Diaspora of the Jewish people and the eventual destruction of the temple by the armies of Titus in 70 A.D.

To put it another way, Christ's sacrifice does away with the temple's role in redemptive history, making way for that horrible complex of events in which Gaius (Caligula) sets up an image of himself in A.D. 40, and when the temple becomes the place where those zealots resisting the armies of Titus in the inner and outer court are mercilessly slaughtered as described by Josephus. 

The point is not so much when the "Abomination" occurs (the exact moment), but that it does occur, as seen in the culmination all of these events.  The temple of YHWH is rendered desolate and an abomination to God.

Hope that helps!


Who Said That?

question%20mark.jpgWho Said That?

 "Fact is, as we continue to study these matters, our conclusions are confirmed again and again. We find more and more evidence of the likelihood that 2011 could well be the end-time year. Thus, we are greatly stimulated to send forth the Gospel so that as many people as possible can hear the Gospel in the shortest possible time.  If this world is still in existence after the end of 2011, we will know that there is still much more we can learn from the Bible. Before that time, or at that time, we surely will receive correction from the Bible concerning any conclusions which prove to be in error."

Place your guesses in the comments section below.  Please, no google searches or cheating.