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A Fatwa I Can Understand!

fatwa.jpgAccording an article on Cellular News (Click here: A Fatwa Against Ringtones), an iman in a Saudi mosque issued a fatwa after a cellphone played someone's ringtone during a prayer service.  Now that's a fatwa I can understand! 


An imam at a Mosque in Saudi Arabia issued a fatwa against mobile phones after one rang during prayers on Saturday. A report in the local newspaper, Al-Watan said that the imam had begun the Taraweeh prayer (Taraweeh is an Arabic phrase referring to extra prayers given by Sunnis at night in the Islamic month of Ramadan) when the sound of Arabic pop music began playing from the audience.

The imam turned to the crowd in the Mosque and issued his own fatwa. The fatwa states that the next time somebody allows their phone to go off in the congregation, the imam could throw the guilty person out of the mosque.

After a degree of shouting at the congregation, the imam regained his composure, turned around, and continued with the Taraweeh.

A fatwa, is a legal pronouncement in Islam made by a mufti, a scholar capable of issuing judgments on Sharia (Islamic law).


Next time a cell rings during a sermon or the Lord's Supper, I know what I am going to do!



We Are What We Read . . .

Reading.jpgAs part of Christianity Today's on-going reflection upon American evangelicalism, comes a list of the 50 books (written after World War II) which have done the most to shape modern evangelicalism.  If this list is correct, it is no wonder that evangelicalism is in the sorry shape that it is.  While there are some real gems on this list (from Lewis, Packer, Schaeffer, Piper), some are not "gems" at all (and are more like dirt clods).  As you can tell, neither Mere Christianity nor Knowing God is number one on this list.  Click here: The top 50 books that have shaped evangelicals - Christianity Today Magazine


Mike Horton Interviews Sam Solomon

WHI Logo.jpgBe sure to listen to Mike Horton's interview with Sam Solomon, a former professor of Shariah Law, who converted from Islam to Christianity.  This is a very powerful and important interview.  It is the first of two parts.  Click here: The White Horse Inn: Know What You Believe & Why You Believe It

You may also be interested in Professor Ken Samples' lectures on Islam at the Academy at Christ Reformed Church:  (Click here: Christ Reformed Info - MP3's and Real Audio (of Academy Lectures)


Who Said That?

question mark.jpgWho Said That?

"After we have proved that the people of flying saucers are none other than demons in human form, and that flying saucers are the flying riding beast or donkey of the Antichrist, which demons made for him to enable him to gain control over the people of the earth, now we need to recognize the goals of the study and the experiment that the demons perform upon human beings and animals in flying saucers.  We will relate these goals to the tribulations and the miracles that the Antichrist will bring to humanity."

You know how this works!  No cheating or google searches!  Leave your answer in the comments section.


Who Said That?

question mark.jpgWho Said That?


"My ex-wife is the Antichrist's sister"


Have fun with this one!  No cheating, no google searches.  Leave your answer in the comments section.



Big Mansions, the Antichrist, and Workout Shorts


Here's a gem or two that readers sent to me of late.

These shorts, quite appropriately labeled, come from the folks at the Old Lutheran Gift Shop, where you can not only buy a new pair of workout shorts, but where you can also buy a six-pack of "Sin Boldly."  You'll have to look that one up!  Click here: Left Behind Gym Shorts: Old Lutheran Gift Shop (h.t. Mark Tritschler). 

How come the Reformed don't have an "Old Calvinist Gift Shop?"  My guess is that an old Calvinist would not be near as much fun as an old Lutheran!



And then there are these two links to "photo essays" over at Rapture Ready. 

The first photo essay should give you all the incentive you need to work for that three-story heavenly mansion (Click here: Photorama), while the other lays out a list of potential candidates for Antichrist (Click here: Photorama)  (h.t. Mrs. Guy deBresil) 

I guess the Riddleblog is a close as the Reformed get to Rapture Ready . . .

Any thoughts?  Send me links to stuff you find and I'll use them if they strike me as funny (or, if someone hasn't beat me to it).


Who Said That?

question mark.jpgWho Said That?

"There is absolutely no question that God's hedge of protection was lifted from America.  September 11 was a curse on our beloved nation, but worse is the fact that most Americans don't understand why it happened . . . . America is in this position primarily because we are the only nation today in alliance with both the historical brothers of prophecy--Ishmael and Isaac . . . . America has married these two brothers:  Ishmael (the Arab nations) out of convenience and Isaac (Israel) out of guilt. . . . America is under a biblical curse that can be reversed.  Jerusalem is the final compromise.  If America divides Jerusalem, there will be no forgiveness.  America will tragically end up on the ash heap of history."

As usual, no cheating (google searches).  Please your guess in the comments section below. 



Is the Pope Catholic?

Benedict xvi 2.jpg . . . Not much longer if Muammar Gaddafi's son gets his wish.



Tripoli - The elder son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has called on Pope Benedict XVI to convert to Islam immediately, dismissing last week's apology from the pontiff for offending Muslims.

"If this person were really someone reasonable, he would not agree to remain at his post one minute, but would convert to Islam immediately," Mohammed Gaddafi told an awards ceremony on Monday evening for an international competition to memorise the Qur'an. 

To read the rest of this story,  Click here: Pope asked to convert to Islam



Wouldn't Luther and Calvin have fun with this headline!  I'm having a bit of fun with it myself.  Any thoughts?


The Unbelievable Hypocrisy of Muslim Outrage . . .

Peaceful muslims.jpgThroughout the Islamic world, Muslims continue to express their outrage that Pope Benedict the XVI dared to make mention of a 14th century conversation between a Byzantine Christian Emperor Manuel Paleologos II and a Persian scholar on the truths of Christianity and Islam.  Benedict didn't say whether he agreed with the comment or not . . .  He simply made an oblique reference to the discussion.  Now, Muslims everywhere are outraged. (I saw this picture on Drudge--I'll bet this guy is a hoot at family get-togethers).

Give me a break!  Where was this Muslim "outrage" when nineteen of their own flew two jumbo jets into the Twin-Towers and one more into the Pentagon?

Where was this Muslim outrage when Richard Reid tried to blow up a jet-liner with a shoe bomb?

Where was the Muslim outrage when suicide bombers killed scores of Aussies in Bali?

Where was the Muslim outrage when a Muslim shot-up the El-Al counter at LAX, killing a heroic young security guard?

Where was the Muslim outrage when two men rode through the DC area sniping at unaware innocents, killing in the name of Allah?

Where was the Muslim outrage for the bombings of trains in Madrid and the subways in London?  Dozens of men and women were killed while going about their daily business.

Where is the Muslim outrage at news of the attempted bombings of more than a half-dozen jet-liners over the Atlantic?

This is a religion of peace, right?  Where is CAIR?  Where is the condemnation of acts of terror by Islamic scholars and noted Imams?  Their collective silence speaks volumes.

If Benedict apologizes for this, he is absolutely crazy!  An apology will only encourage more Muslim rage anytime someone dares to state in public that Allah is not the true God and Muhammad is not a prophet.

Let us see this for what it is--an attempt to subjugate other religions to Islam by silencing them through threats of violence.  But then this has always been the Muslim way.  

Meanwhile, let us preach Christ and him crucified, for this is the power of God unto salvation!


Review of "Man of Sin"

Man of sin.gifFor anyone who is interested, there's a great review of Man of Sin in the latest issue of Modern Reformation.  The review was written by Keith Mathison of Ligonier Ministries and author of: Dispensationalism:  Rightly Dividing the People of God?; Postmillennialism:  An Eschatology of Hope; and editor of When Shall These Things Be:  A Reformed Response to Hyper-Preterism.

To read the review, Click here: Review of Man of Sin, by Kim Riddlebarger