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Living in Light of Two Ages



Who Said That?

question mark.jpgOK, who said this?  No cheating or google searches!  Answer to follow in a few days . . .

"As we have learned from Almighty God in the words of Holy Scripture, that the end of the present world is already near and that the unending kingdom of the saints is approaching.  As this same end of the world is drawing nigh, many unusual things will happen--climate changes, terrors from heaven, unseasonable tempests, wars, famines, pestilences, earthquakes.  All of these things are not to come in our own days, but they will follow upon our times."


Watch Out for Those Christian Drivers!

car accident wince.bmp

Do Christian drivers pose a danger to others?  Some think so!  According to a half-hearted challenge issued on Stay Free! Daily . . .

Saved Premillenialist Christians Shouldn't Drive

I'm sure everyone here has been driving and seen the bumper sticker that reads "In case of Rapture, car will be unmanned." While this never fails to inspire some very action-movie style daydreams and exciting video game premises, it also brings up a far more practical issue: should saved Christians be allowed to drive?

One would think that, if we don't grant driver's licences to narcoleptics, epileptics, or other people who may, at random, lose all control of their careening vehicle, we sure as hell won't grant a license to someone who may just up and disappear without warning. But, this never seems to come up.

That fundamentalist, evangelical, end-times-anticipating Christians seek to create or alter legislation to support their beliefs is not exactly news. And, of course, it's well within their rights to petition and badger and seek to achieve their goals of teaching religious pseudoscience in schools, or keeping gay people from marrying, and so on-- but it seems to me that if they are really going to be forthright in their goals of altering the laws of the United States to fit their theology, they can't just pick and choose the laws they want. To really be taken seriously, they need to go all the way, to do the right thing and press for legislation stipulating that anyone who has accepted Jesus Christ into their hearts cannot safely pilot a motorized vehicle or similar heavy machinery.

I'm willing also to consider legislation that would provide for them the right to pilot small, possibly electric city-cars that are speed-limited to 25 MPH, contain adequate warning lights and signage, and, upon detection of loss of driver (via a simple switch in the seat that disengages when the driver is raptured away) sounds a warning klaxon as it slowly comes to a safe, controlled stop under automatic control.

So, saved Premillenialist Christians, here's my challenge to you: go all the way. Fight for what you want in our schools, our hospitals, our public places, but stick to your beliefs on our highways as well. I mean, that's what being a fundamentalist is all about, right?

To read the article, Click here: Stay Free! Daily: Saved Premillenialist Christians Shouldn't Drive



Who Said That?

question mark.jpgWho said this?

Q. What is the direct antidote to . . . the doctrine of heart-holiness?

A.  Calvinism:  All the devices of Satan . . . have done far less toward stopping this work of God, than that single doctrine.  It strikes at the root of salvation from sin, previous to glory (death), putting the matter on quite another issue.

Q.  But wherein lie the charms of this doctrine?  What makes men swallow it so greedily?

A.  (1)  It seems to magnify Christ; although in reality it supposes him to have died in vain.  For the absolutely elect must have been saved without him; and the non-elect cannot be saved by him.

(2)  It is highly pleasing to the flesh and blood, final perseverance in particular.

Can you guess who said this?  No cheating--google searches or otherwise!



Who Said That?

question mark.jpgWho said that?

Where is this place represented by "outer darkness" in Jesus' parables? To be in outer darkness is to be in the kingdom of God but outside the circle of men and women whose faithfulness on this earth has earned them a special rank or position of authority (italics in original).

The "outer darkness" represents not so much an actual place as it does a sphere of influence and privilege. It is not a geographical area in a kingdom where certain men and women are consigned to stay. It is simply a figure of speech describing their low rank or status in God's kingdom. . . . Now, imagine standing before God and seeing all you have lived for reduced to ashes. How do you think you would feel? How do you think you would respond? Picture yourself watching saint after saint rewarded for faithfulness and service to the King--and all the time knowing that you had just as many opportunities but did nothing about them. . .

We do not know how long this time of rejoicing and sorrow will last. Those whose works are burned will not weep and gnash their teeth for all eternity. At some point, we know God will comfort those who have suffered loss.

As usual, google searches don't count! Answer to follow in a couple of days.


This Is Interesting . . .


I was reading through the venerable Louis Berkhof's Systematic Theology and found this very fascinating section.  Read it carefully!

Moreover, in connection with the subject of "hell" the Bible certainly uses local terms right along.  It calls the place of torment gehenna, a name derived from the Hebrew ge (land or valley) and hinnon or beney hinnom, that is Hinnom or sons of Hinnom.  This name was originally applied to a valley southwest of Jerusalem.  It was the place where wicked idolaters sacrificed their children to Moloch by causing them to pass through the fire.  Hence it was considered impure and was called in later days the valley of tophet (spittle), as an utterly despised region.  Fires were constantly buring there to consume the offal of Jerusalem.  As a result it became a symbol of the place of eternal torment."

Beney Hinnom?  Benny Hinn?  So what's the connection?  Coincidence?  Any thoughts?



More of "You Can't Make This Stuff Up."

joel o game.jpg


If you can't get enough of lovable ole Joel Osteen from his books or on TV, now there's the "Your Best Life Game."

Click here: Press Releases from Endless Games

The cynic in me wants to ask, "what happens if two players each claim victory and they have equal faith?  Who will win?"

(H. T. J. V. Moore)


drywall_jesus.gifJesus has appeared again, this time in the drywall of a church in Saraland, Alabama, which had been severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina.


"Many have been healed," said Pastor Ella Roberts. "One young man that belonged here was scheduled to go on dialysis. "The next week, he laid his hand there on the wall on the image, went to the doctor and they said they can't see where, why, how."

Church members say miracles occur when you touch the wall. "From touching that, my eyesight began to clear up completely," said Benita Bogan.


To read the entire account (although I can't imagine why you would want to--if you've seen one Jesus appearance on drywall you've seen them all) click here: 

Any thoughts?



Who Said That?

question mark.jpgWho Said That?

One of the derivative aspects of an amillennial perspective is that it denies Israel's future role in God's plans.  This also leads to a "replacement theology" in which the Church is viewed as replacing Israel in God's program for mankind.  In addition to forcing an allegorization of many key passages of Scripture, this also led to the tragedy of the Holocaust in Europe.  The responsibility for the six million Jews who were systematically murdered in the concentration camps has to include the silent pulpits who had embraced this heretical eschatology and its attendant anti-Semitism.


Welcome Visitors--Come and Eat and Drink Judgment Upon Yourselves!


jack hayford.jpg

According to a recent post on, Jack Hayford actually recommends that we invite non-Christians to the Lord's Table to make them feel welcome and so that we do not exclude them from anything in the worship service. 

This is utterly remarkable in light of Paul's very clear warning not to do this in 1 Corinthians 11:27-32.

"Welcome visitors!  Come to the Lord's Table without discerning Christ's body, and then get sick and possibly die . . ."  

Reformed Christians "fence" the table because of Paul's exhortation.



CT header.gif

A less traditional means we use to encourage commitment is the Lord's Supper. We invite all the people to gather around the Lord's Table and partake in small groups. We believe it is the Lord's Table we are invited to, the Lord is doing the inviting, and no one is excluded. To us that means unbelievers are invited, as well.

We explain clearly, of course, what we are doing, and what an unbeliever is doing by partaking: making a commitment to Christ. We stress the gravity of the event to reflect the serious nature of faith in Christ.

At the same time, we want people to know that they are welcome. For example, I might say, "If you are visiting with us today, you are not only welcome to participate, you are urged to. If you were at my house and it came dinnertime, I wouldn't leave you sitting in the other room while I went to the dining room. And if you said, 'Well, I'm not really hungry,' I'd say, 'Come in and sit with us anyway.' Now, as we come to the Lord's Table, join us. And when the bread is served, take a portion."

To read the rest of the article, Click here: Including Non-Christians in Christian Worship -


While Reformed churches could learn a thing or two from others about how to be friendly and how to better welcome visitors to our churches, this is not exactly the way to do this, bringing them under God's judgment.

(h.t.--Click here: Slice of Laodicea)



Who Said This?

question mark.jpgWho Said This?

"It is self-evident that, until the sinner breaks off from sins by repentance or turning to God, he cannot be justified in any sense.  This is everywhere assumed, implied and taught in the Bible."


Take a guess, answer to follow in a couple of days . . .


Acts 19:26-28 Revisited

artemis.jpgThis video from "her church" will make you sick or angry--or both.  Have a barf bag handy!

click here


(H. T. Rod Rosenbladt)