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Living in Light of Two Ages



Pastors Can't Answer Questions About Basic Doctrines

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The Romans Revolution Continues at the White Horse Inn.

We are in the midst of taping our series on Romans called "The Romans Revolution."  Our producer, Shane Rosenthal, went to the National Pastor's Convention in San Diego (Click here: National Pastors Convention 2006), where he conducted a number of interviews with those in attendance.  These include pastors and their wives and key ministry leaders. 

Shane asked a large number of conference attendees some simple questions about basic Christian doctrine.  The answers are not only shocking, they are maddening!  You simply will not believe the interviews when you hear them.

When Shane asked, "are you familiar with the doctrine of imputation?"

33% were "familiar," 67% said they were "unfamiliar."

When Shane asked "is justification by works, faith and works combined, or faith alone?"

0% (thankfully) responded "by works."   25% responded "by faith and by works," while 75% responded "by faith alone."  Sadly, this figure is grossly misleading if people say they believe in justification by faith but don't even know what imputation is!  Many of those who said "by faith alone," qualified their answer with some sort of appeal to sanctification or the transformed life.  It was utterly tragic.

When Shane asked "Is justification a one time declaration or a life long process?"

49% said that justification is a process, 31% said a declaration, while 14% indicated that is was both.  6% were not sure.                    
                                                                                             When Shane asked, "What are we saved from?                             
43% said "ourselves."  24% said from "sin and death" while 17% said (correctly) that we are saved from eternal judgment or the wrath of God.  Another large group were not sure about the question and some admitted to have never even given this subject any thought.

These interviews were absolutely heartbreaking and you won't believe the answers these shepherds gave when interviewed.                             
For more info about broadcast dates for our upcoming programs on Romans 3-4, Click here: White Horse Inn                                                  

A Reformed Pastor's Toolkit

Faith Works.jpg

Rick Warren has a minister's toolkit (Click here: | Encouraging pastors and church leaders), so here is one of my own.


Tool # 1 -- The Word of God rightly divided and proclaimed in the power of the Holy Spirit.  This will create faith!


God's word.jpg


Tool # 2 -- The Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord's Supper.  These will confirm and strengthen faith!


baptismal font.jpg

Holy Communion WinCE.jpg



Tool # 3-- A biblically based, God-honoring liturgy. This will keep our focus on Christ, not ourselves.


liturgy 2.jpg



Tool # 4 -- A pulpit.  Symbols are important!  This will demonstrate that we respect the Word of God.

And when I say "pulpit", I mean a big wooden pulpit (below), not some cheesy plexiglas one


plexiglas pulpit.jpg




Tool # 5 -- A Pastor's Study.  This is a place to prepare to preach and to pray, and a place to shepherd God's flock by applying the preached word to struggling sinners.

Pastro's study.jpg


Tool # 6 -- Uplifting music from God's own songbook!  Let's sing the songs God gave us!

Uplifting music.jpg



Tool # 7 -- Prostitutes and Tax Collectors.  You need people to whom to preach, and we all are tax-collectors and prostitutes at heart (or else we are Pharisees cf. Luke 18:9-14).


    tax collectors.jpg

Did I miss anything?  What's in your ministry toolbox?



Now This Is Awful . . .

radio1.jpgThis has to be the worst church advertisement I have ever heard.  Not only is it blasphemous, this ad shows shows the lengths to the which "the end justifies the means" crowd will go.  The end, of course, is getting people to church so that, supposedly, they'll hear about Jesus.  The means is this clever, but absolutely inappropriate mockery of word and sacrament.  I can't help but think of Paul's words, "God's name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you!" (Romans 2:24)

H. T. to Drew Collins



Want to Turn Your Church into a Cathedral? What You Need Is a Relic!

Relics WinCE.jpgIf you want to turn your drab little church into a grand cathedral, what you need is a relic!  Saint's Alive might have just what you are looking for.  Click here: Introduction to Relics/ Saints Alive Kudos

Calvin had an interesting thought or two on this topic!  Click here: John Calvin: An Inventory of Relics

Does anyone know of any good Reformed relics?  I have a coffee cup that Mike Horton used.  I have a glass that R. C. Sproul drank from . . .  Any thoughts?


Ever Dreamed of Building Your Very Own Mega-Church? Now You Can!

Megachurch.bmpIf you are a fan of Sim City or Roller-Coaster Tycoon, you'll love this one! 

Ever wanted to get rid of the praise band and replace them with mariachis? 

Would you like to try a polka-liturgy?  Or a Disco service complete with Bee Gee sing-a-longs?   

Do you think you can do a better job in the pulpit than Joel Osteen or Rick Warren?

Now is your chance!  This is a great parody!  Thanks to Mr. Wolfe for sending this my way. 


Come to Church! Win a Big Screen!

Plasma TV.JPGA local church is passing out these sticky notes to promote their "Grand Re-Opening."  Apparently, it is anticipated that giving away a big screen or a playstation will bring better results for the "re-opening" than whatever they did when they opened the first time.

I thought about blacking out this church's name and website, but then changed my mind.  They deserve scrutiny for this tacky stunt. 

The deacon who gave me this asked me, "I wonder what we could give away to get people to come to our church?"  He was joking, of course.  But after some thought it occurred to me that we do need more money in our budget next year for passes to the local shooting range, concert tickets for the Orange County symphony, tour passes for one of the local wineries, or even gift certificates for the Archives used bookstore in Pasadena (Click here: The Archives Bookshop Homepage).  That might encourage a visitor or two . . . 

Any thoughts? 


"I Exalt Me"



OK, this is probably the funniest clip I've seen in a long time!  Make sure you've got your speakers turned on!


What's Wrong With This Picture?


Government Bureaucrats . . .  You gotta love 'em! 



Great Architecture, Horrible Theology

Here's a link to a beautiful photo essay entitled, "The Age of the Megachurch."  Even the Mormons are building mega whatevers . . .  Click here: The Age of the Megachurch

Included are Joel Osteen's new digs in Houston, Willow Creek, the new Mormon Conference Center in Salt Lake, Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles, and Christ Reformed's neighbor, Robert Schuller's Crystal Cathedral.


Have I Got a Church For You!

Mega church.jpgHere's the ultimate seeker's paradise . . .   The "Me" Church.

You'll love this one!  Click here: meCHURCH 1:25