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Friday Night's Academy Lecture on the Olivet Discourse (Part 1)

Here's the audio from Friday night's Academy lecture

Click Here

Reader Comments (1)

Hello Dr. Riddlebarger,

I can't find your email online and I want to make sure you get the info about the film/ q&a. Here is the link to the film website directing you to screening info, click on home and it will take you to the film's trailer:

Also, I mentioned Stephen Sizer, here is a link to a talk of his that summarizes much of his work on Dispensationalism, Christian Zionism and Israel.

You are invited to dinner at 5:30pm with the producer of the film and Stephen Sizer in the student dining hall, it is a high end venue. The film screening is at 7:30pm.

It would be great to have you at this event, one of the OT profs is especially hoping to meet you and have dinner with you if you can make it.

Hope you can make it!
October 19, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterRana

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